Wildflower Honeycomb - 5 oz

  • $15.99

Raw Wildflower Honeycomb

  • Wildflower Honeycomb
  • Raw, natural, unpasteurized, never heated
  • Hand selected, beautiful comb honey
  • Comes in plastic container and weighs approximately 5 oz.

The honeycomb comes in a hard plastic container and fits perfectly in your kitchen pantry or on your dining room table. Because it comes in a convenient container, you can easily cut or scoop out our raw wildflower honeycomb to eat for any occasion. 

We are very selective in choosing the honey we sell directly to the public. Only the best tasting and slowest crystalizing honeys we produce make it into our bottles and containers with our wildflower honey label. Wildflower honey is gathered from multiple floral sources and can vary in color, taste, and pollen content based on the nectar sources available at the time the honey is stored by the honeybees.

The main benefit gained by the consumption of wildflower honey is the vast array of pollens that your body gains access to. Pollen is most often thought of as just a cause for sneezing and itchy, watering eyes by those allergic to it, but it is also a great source of protein and various beneficial amino acids.

Honey is a great natural and healthy alternative sweetener for many foods and hot drinks such as coffees and teas. Healthy, delicious, and light in color.

Our Premium Wildflower Honey is raw, natural, unfiltered, unpasteurized, never heated honey.

Buy some today and taste the difference.

Customer Reviews

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My 9 year old ate all this in one sitting. As soon as I received my package today i gave this to her since she requested for it and next thing you know she told me “Yum😋” she ate it all !!!🤷🏻‍♀️LoL

I will be ordering this again.

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