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Bee Pollen

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Wondering where to buy bee pollen? We sell great tasting Bee Pollen in a 4.5 or 10 oz size.

Our Bee Pollen is wonderfully and naturally colorful. Bee Pollen is one of our favorite additions to every meal! Generally considered to be one of natures most nutritionally complete foods, it is a really great addition to your table!

The bees use plant pollens as a protein and amino acid source in the hive, particularly to feed the young brood (larvae). It is an absolute must-have for any healthy colony.

They store it in their pollen pockets on their hind legs for transport back to the hive. It is collected when the bees enter the hive by causing them to have to squeeze through a couple layers of mesh that scrape roughly half of the pollen off of their legs.

It then falls in a tray for collection. The pollen traps are periodically rotated from the on position to the bypass position to ensure that the bees gather plenty of pollen for the health of the colony.

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Customer Reviews

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Love the Bees

I have been using this product for about 2 years and love the taste and the nutritional value.

Awesome Quality Products!!

Love it, can feel the benefits after just taking for one week. This company has impeccable customer service!!
Thank You!

Love it

This product is Part of my regular daily supplement routine. So much more pleasing to consume than our pill supplements. I look forward to it and chew it slowly to enjoy every bit of it. . It's helped my allergies and I know it's pure and good for me. Plz try it!
Also, it would be greatly appreciate by repeating regular buyers, to offer discounts. Product is very high but truly great quality. But other good quality products offer discount to their faithful customers as a thanks for supporting them. Ps..i will never by store bought bee pollen after using Registers. Thx!

I Love Register Bee Pollen!

Register Family Farm's Bee Pollen is so good. I already use their honey, lip balm, lotion bar and soap so I was excited to try this. I add it to yogurt and my smoothie bowls (which I eat several times a week). I think it would also be delicious on ice cream - I'll be trying that next. Bee Pollen has so many health benefits and adds a unique flavor. As with all of their products, the quality is awesome. Very happy with this purchase and will continue to buy :)

Great product.

Enjoy Register Farms honey, wildflower and Tupelo. Just started taking bee pollen as a supplement. Very pleased.