Bee Pollen

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Wondering where to buy bee pollen? We sell great tasting Bee Pollen in a 4.5 or 10 oz size or in our new 5 pound bucket size! 

Our Bee Pollen is wonderfully and naturally colorful. Bee Pollen is one of our favorite additions to every meal! Generally considered to be one of natures most nutritionally complete foods, it is a really great addition to your table!

The bees use plant pollens as a protein and amino acid source in the hive, particularly to feed the young brood (larvae). It is an absolute must-have for any healthy colony.

They store it in their pollen pockets on their hind legs for transport back to the hive. It is collected when the bees enter the hive by causing them to have to squeeze through a couple layers of mesh that scrape roughly half of the pollen off of their legs.

It then falls in a tray for collection. The pollen traps are periodically rotated from the on position to the bypass position to ensure that the bees gather plenty of pollen for the health of the colony.

Customer Reviews

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Guy Comer
Great stuff

I bought this for my bearded dragons as a supplement for there diet. So between myself and them my next order will have to be 2 -10 ounce bags love the pollen I see more energy in my 65 years of age and I feel better as well thank you so much for this product and it came as they said in shipping

Gen Charmichael

I had high hopes for the bee pollen............I put it on oatmeal and couldn't even taste it but....................I woke up about 5 AM with bad diarrhea. I have been afraid to use any of it since. What are the benefits of it again? Do other people have this reaction? I love your products and my son in Mesa, AZ loves his, too.

Steven Gustin
Bee Pollen

Great Stuff!!

Ben Robertson
Love this bee pollen!

Register Family Farm bee pollen is awesome! I put it on yogurt and hot cereal like oatmeal and buckwheat. It's also delicious plain for a quick, nutritious pick me up. Highly recommended.

Diane Webster
Love the Bees

I have been using this product for about 2 years and love the taste and the nutritional value.

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