Gift Bag - Skin Care

  • $20.99

These gift bags make perfect gifts for almost any occasion! Included are a Natural Honey and Beeswax Soap, one of our fantastic Bee Balms, and our one of a kind Luxurious Honey and Beeswax Lotion Bars! 

Specific items in the bag may be different than those pictured. 

Customer Reviews

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Sweet surprise

I came across the products at a farmers market on my vacation in Destin, FL. I LOVED the lip balm (I'm addicted to lip balm) and I rarely change up what I use. And the honey was really good and the guy told us details about the products that were interesting. So I have now ordered a gift set for myself and 2 family members as a unique and different gift for those people I never know what to get cause they have everything! I recently got this for my dad for Father's day and he loved it. And I love supporting small businesses and the shipping cost is reasonable.

Ben Robertson
Excellent gift!

These skin care products are the best. The lip balm, lotion bar, and soap are all of the highest quality. I love giving these because people really notice the difference, especially with the lip balm. Several people have commented on how healing it is and how it does not need to be applied so many times like commercial brands. Send it to a friend, colleague, or loved one and see for yourself. You'll be glad you did.

Susan Fowler
Love this Family and their honey!

Love all the products we have used. Can’t wait to give the gift bags for Christmas presents.

Blonde Tennessee
honey is great

We have bought the lip balm and lotion bar for Years. Love these products.

Laura a.B.
Beautiful Products

We have enjoyed these gifts to provide our families in another state and they all are so appreciative. The Register family is the best ever and we are so grateful to the service they provide our community.

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