2 oz Pure Wildflower Honey Bear: All Natural, Never Heated – Register Family Farm

Raw Wildflower Honey - Bear

  • $3.50

Raw Wildflower Honey – Bear

  • Wildflower Honey from Northwest Florida
  • Raw, natural, unpasteurized, never heated
  • Hand selected, slow to crystallize
  • Made in the USA by the Register family
  • 2 oz. size

Take the Cuteness Challenge: stare at this little honey bear guy for 10 seconds and try not saying “Awwwww.” Impossible! You will find the easy twist-off cap helpful to little hands ready to pour wildflower honey on their yogurt by themselves. Also makes a fun and healthy party favor at children’s birthday parties.

We are very selective in bottling our premium wildflower honey. Only the best tasting and slowest crystalizing honeys we produce make it into bottles with our wildflower honey label. Wildflower honey is gathered from multiple floral sources and can vary in color, taste, and pollen content based on the nectar sources available at the time the honey is stored by the honeybees.

The main benefit gained by the consumption of wildflower honey is the vast array of pollens that your body gains access to. Pollen is most often thought of as just a cause for sneezing and itchy, watering eyes by those allergic to it, but it is also a great source of protein and various beneficial amino acids.

Honey is a great natural and healthy alternative sweetener for many foods and hot drinks such as coffees and teas. Healthy, delicious, and light in color.

Our Premium Wildflower Honey is raw, natural, unfiltered, unpasteurized, never heated honey.

Buy some today and taste the difference.

Customer Reviews

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Loved it!


Not too shabby ;)


For the record this first post SHOULD have been 5 stars 👆🏻(Total mistake) Nothing but 5 star love for this exceptional honey bear!

Little bear

So fun for the littles. So yummy for everyone! Great product.

Great gift and wonderful for kids!

I bought these for my kids and they were thrilled when I brought them home! They are adorable and each child can self serve from their own jar...however the honey is SO good you have to monitor how much they use or, as happened with us, the honey will be consumed in no time! What an adorable, healthy, sweet treat. Great for kids and a great gift for anyone, all at a super affordable price.

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