Raw Tupelo Honey - Swing-Top Flask

Raw Tupelo Honey - Swing-Top Flask

  • $26.99

Raw Tupelo Honey

  • Tupelo Honey from white Tupelo trees in the Florida Panhandle
  • Raw, natural, unpasteurized, never heated
  • Stays liquid, does not crystallize
  • Made in the USA by the Register family
  • Comes in 12.5 oz. and 25 oz. sizes

For true honey purists, there’s nothing like the old-fashioned style swing-top and glass flask for displaying and dispensing our delicious honey. Many customers tell us they love saving the used flask to display cut flowers in or make to homemade vinaigrettes.

Tupelo honey is among the most popular, most beneficial, and best tasting honey in the world. It is unique to the southeastern United State and the highest quality tupelo honey is produced around Register Family Farm from the Apalachicola River to the Choctawhatchee River.

Tupelo has a light, sweet taste with a unique and pleasant aftertaste and it is slow to crystallize. The Tupelo flower only blooms for a short period each spring and the nectar produces a light honey with a green tint if held in the right light and has a unique scent reminiscent of pear.

Tupelo honey has a high fructose to glucose ratio and this makes it great for an energy boost during physical activity. Another advantage to the higher fructose content is that it does not spike your blood sugar as high as other sweeteners, or even other honey.

Buy some today and taste the difference.

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
chris osborn
great product

great product and well packaged
the flavor is excellent

Frances H.
This was for a gift

However... I'm not sure it will get to the original intended recipient. I got a small size to taste for myself and it's going to be very difficult to part with this one. Either way, I'll probably order more in the future. Thanks!

Arkady Nikitin

perfect honey

Keith Scheuerell
Great experience

I have been using Tupelo honey for more than 15 years. The honey I purchased from Register Farms is fresh, high quality and tastes like it was just harvested from the hive. And Register Farms went above and beyond by replacing my purchase without question when it was damaged in shipping. I recommend Register Farms.

Garry Barnes sr
What some Good Honey .10 star

You could of put that honey in an old rusty bucket. It would have not change the taste of that honey .real good honey. I will be buying more from ya.we use it with hot green tea and lemon .
It's so Good.God Bless

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