Tupelo Honey— A Honey Lover’s Dream

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If you love honey—and we mean REALLY love honey— you probably look forward to Tupelo honey season the way children anticipate Christmas: all year long. Good news for these honey aficionados… the wait is over! Tupelo honey season is here at last. 

At Register Family Farm, we’re happy to say that the 2018 Tupelo honey is on our shelves at all of our markets and in our online store. You can purchase this sweet treat in a variety of vessels, including a fun Honey Bear, in a glass jar, in a convenient squeeze bottle, or even a traditional glass swing-top flask. Remember, this unique honey is a seasonal product, so you might want to stock up!  Each container is available in several sizes, so pick what works for you.

2018 Tupelo Honey

The 2018 crop is the best we’ve seen in several years. A combination of forces, including the less-than-ideal weather conditions from the Apalachicola River to the Choctahatchee River south of I-10, have resulted in a smaller production in the last few years. Unfortunately, true Tupelo honey is dependent on the state of the Tupelo flower, which blooms on the tree known scientifically as Nyssa Ogeche. Did you know that it takes two million Tupelo tree flowers to produce a single pound of honey? And one honeybee produces just one-twelfth of a teaspoon of honey in its lifetime! 

This year, the Tupelo flowers are in bloom and the honey is flowing freely! And while the quantity is better, the quality is truly stellar. We haven’t seen honey this beautiful (or tasted honey this delicious!) in a long time. 

What Sets Tupelo Honey Apart from the Rest? 

True Tupelo honey is very pale in color, and it takes on a greenish tint when it’s held up to the light. The scent is reminiscent of pear, and but the taste is what sets Tupelo honey apart from the rest. The flavor is light and sweet; it starts with a bright, floral burst of flavor and finishes with an unusual— but pleasant!— aftertaste. The overall impression is pleasant and warm and wins over even the most reluctant honey skeptic. 

Better yet, Tupelo honey’s exceptionally high fructose to glucose ratio enables you to absorb the honey more quickly; it’s an ideal energy booster when you’re on the go. Do you or a loved one suffer from diabetes? Tupelo honey’s high fructose results in lower blood sugar spikes; it’s an ideal sweetener for those who struggle to regulate their blood sugar. 

Are you ready to try Register Family Farm’s top-notch Tupelo honey? In addition to getting the highest-quality Tupelo honey, you can feel proud to support a veteran-owned family business! Click here to try some of our truly unique Tupelo honey today!

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