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Bee Pollen
Gen Charmichael

I had high hopes for the bee pollen............I put it on oatmeal and couldn't even taste it but....................I woke up about 5 AM with bad diarrhea. I have been afraid to use any of it since. What are the benefits of it again? Do other people have this reaction? I love your products and my son in Mesa, AZ loves his, too.

Oh honey...

These are amazing! They burn so well and smell incredibly sweet! We had our priest bless some for future use. :)

I love this company

I am so glad to support family owned businesses. Especially this one. I love their products, although I wish they offered tapers, too. Best lip balms and soaps. Wish they offered larger hand balm but their quality and customer service, respect, appreciation and friendliness are wonderful. I'm so glad they take care of bees and protect our Earth in doing so! I highly recommend them. Oh, and of course, their honey is great! Thanks for beeing such a great company! ;)

Beeswax On, Wax Off...

This is not a soap bar. The other review should be removed, as it appears they purchased the wrong item. This Beeswax can be used to maintain and care for wooden tables, skin moisturizer, coat strands of strings, rub on zippers, etc. Nope, won't lather because it isn't meant to. My only issue is I would like it scored to break off because 1lb is BIG.


I was looking for a beeswax candle(s) to display in my honeycomb hexagon bathroom shelves. I looked everywhere:Etsy, Amazon, and web. So happy to find Register Family Bee Farm . Loved their story. Bought 3 candles. Shipment arrived timely and well packed. Just what I was looking for. Will be back for more!

Bee Pollen
Guy Comer
Great stuff

I bought this for my bearded dragons as a supplement for there diet. So between myself and them my next order will have to be 2 -10 ounce bags love the pollen I see more energy in my 65 years of age and I feel better as well thank you so much for this product and it came as they said in shipping


I love the lotion bar....locks moisture in on my hands....wonderful to have during the extreme hand washing and sanitizing season....even works great on my lips! Highly recommend!

Beeswax Pillar Candle
Martha Martin
Purchased as a gift

Beautiful candles! Top quality! I will definitely purchase all of my beeswax candles from the Register Family Farm in the future.

The Honey is Great!

The Honey is great, it has a taste unlike any other I've tasted. I also held it up towards the sun the see the greenish tint. You all have out done yourselves. Thanks!

Tupelo honey

Your honey is so good!

Hands down, it's the best!

Never drying, this beeswax soap cleans up without clearing out your body's natural moisture! A lovely, gentle hamd, face and body soap Leave your skin feeling shiny and soft all over with a fresh honey kissed scent!.

Beeswax Pillar Candle
Ben Robertson
Expensive but worth it

This is an expensive candle but also really great quality. It burns super smooth and slow so I think it will last a long time. It also smells good and is great for burning at the dinner table with friends and family. Highly recommended.

Natural Bee Balm
Blake Benson
Awesome product

Always the best quality from the best people. Thanks!

Natural Bee Balm
David Taliadouros
Wonderful Lip Balm

The absolute best balm I've ever had!! Last along time on you lips! Awesome Customer Service! Customer for Life!

Best Honey Money Can Buy

This is the best honey that money can buy, I've tried over 20 different types of honey's and brands over the last several years, and the Tupelo Honey in my opinion far surpasses most other honey's. I have been eating the Tupelo Honey for 4 years now and I have never known it to crystalize like other honey's do. This shows the purity of the Tupelo Honey...not mixed with other flowers.

Peppermint soap

I used the peppermint soap today, and my skin feels a whole lot better now. It smells great too.

Best Honey

Tupelo honey is the best honey I have ever had. I will not purchase anything else from now on. Register Farms shipped quickly and the quality is the best.

Great gift

These candles are really classy. They burn thoroughly through to the bottom, do not drip, do not smoke, smell good, leave a beautiful filigree pattern as they burn down, burn longer than any other candles I have gotten. They are now the only candles I buy. I also appreciate that they are made by a cottage industry.

1000% Recommended

The feeling is unlike any other i have experienced with this soap. All fragrances are top of the line. The silky-smooth skin afterwards is incredible!

Such a special gift

First of all, when calling to order our first gift basket from the Register Family Farm, I was so impressed with the person who helped me customize the gift for our children. Then had the privilege of meeting a family member to get the first beautiful gift basket. Our children loved the gifts. We LOVE the Tupelo Honey. We are so grateful to have and support this beautiful veteran family that provide these amazing products which are the BEST EVER.

Beautiful candles. I would love to buy more. The scent is wonderful. I bought three of these to be blessed at my parish.

Smells amazing!

This candle has the most beautiful honey smell. Very subtle and not overpowering. Burns slow with no smoke. I would definitely recommend.


Love these products. So far I have tried 4 different item. None of them disappointed me at all. We got hooked with the cinnamon whipped honey. Then the wildflower whipped honey. Addicted to topelo honey. And the chap stick is a winner! Look for me in the reorder list!


Super cute and the smell is so subtle but lovely. Just wish they were a little bigger because I've burned half of one already!

Beeswax Bar
Sharon Guss
Good Quality

I received my order quickly and was pleased with the quality.