Raw Tupelo Honey - Glass Jar

Raw Tupelo Honey - Glass Jar

  • $24.99

Raw Tupelo Honey

  • Tupelo Honey from white Tupelo trees in the Florida Panhandle
  • Raw, natural, unpasteurized, never heated
  • Stays liquid, does not crystallize
  • Made in the USA by the Register family
  • Glass jar comes weights 1.1 lbs.

The glass jar comes in 1.1 lb and is the perfect addition to your kitchen table or breakfast nook. The opening is wide enough to easily spoon out our delicious honey. Or even better add a 4” wooden dipper to your order (sold separately) for the perfect gift.

Tupelo honey is among the most popular, most beneficial, and best tasting honey in the world. It is unique to the southeastern United State and the highest quality tupelo honey is produced around Register Family Farm from the Apalachicola River to the Choctawhatchee River.

Tupelo has a light, sweet taste with a unique and pleasant aftertaste and it is slow to crystallize. The Tupelo flower only blooms for a short period each spring and the nectar produces a light honey with a green tint if held in the right light and has a unique scent reminiscent of pear.

Tupelo honey has a high fructose to glucose ratio and this makes it great for an energy boost during physical activity. Another advantage to the higher fructose content is that it does not spike your blood sugar as high as other sweeteners, or even other honey.

Buy some today and taste the difference.

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Karen Black
Excellent Product

Actually this was an add on to an order I placed on line for 2 one pound plastic bottles and 1 two pound plastic squeeze bottle. My daughter and brother are both diabetic and this is the only honey they can have. My grandmother was from Georgia and we all grew up eating tupelo honey it's the best! Great customer service fast and everything arrived in great condition.
Thanks so much!

Mike Foley

I've sampled several brands of honey lately and Tupelo Honey easily caused the most dramatic involuntary reaction when tasted.

This stuff is so smooth and delicious that my eyes closed and I smiled real big while savoring the first spoonful. And then again with the second spoonful a few minutes later.

This honey has a permanent place on my spice shelf from now on. I'll need to be be ordering more soon!

Erroll Davis
The Honey is Great!

The Honey is great, it has a taste unlike any other I've tasted. I also held it up towards the sun the see the greenish tint. You all have out done yourselves. Thanks!

Amy Wallace
This is the best honey

This is excellent Honey! I love honey & I've tasted a lot but this is the best

Rocky Freeman
All of this company's products are amazing!!

I truly appreciate the efforts Register Farms has gone through to keep things natural and healthy. That means a ton to our family!! I appreciate how their products promote a healthy lifestyle, such as how their honey and pollen have really have helped my sinus issues.

There are so many wonderful products to choose from, so here are a few that I really like: I personally love the orange lip balm that has their honey in it, the Tupelo honey (in moderation) has worked really well with my Diabetes, and my favorite would be the candles that are freaking awesome!! My sinus issues have been really bad all my life, and after 4 surgeries I really had to watch what products I allow in my house. One of my favorite things in the world is surprising my wife with candlelight dinners. Unfortunately, all candles have some sort of smell/perfume added which tears me up causing sneezing and headaches. So, I had unfortunately stopped doing this for my wife for 15-20 year. WELL, NOT ANY MORE!!! There candles are beautiful, long lasting, and best of all have no perfume smells. I have never had any issues whatsoever with their candles. I praise God for them, and my wife has now received some well deserved and long overdue candlelight dinners. BONUS, the candles not only don't smell, but they actually remove smells from the air, so they are great for using right before guests come to your house. Plus, the variety of choices that they offer is awesome. We have numerous styles of their candles, and truly enjoy each of them. As I stated, I love them for the dinner table, so the long candles are great to throw in our crystal holders for a dinner with the wife. I enjoy the different textures and shapes of the other candles, too. Plus, they had some really cool nativity figurines at Christmas time last year made out of candle wax. Last but not least, as we get older it so hard to buy presents for people. I seems like everyone already owns whatever they want, and I'm not fond of buying things that get re-gifted, given to goodwill, or even worse just trashed. We have found that everyone loves the gift baskets!! They are really nice looking and offer a variety of options to please the entire family.

Last, but most definitely not least, is customer service. They are always courteous at the markets and events, and they are always willing to answer all questions their products, no matter how random. They really know their stuff. Plus, they are just as easy to deal with over the phone and on-line. I know I've written a book instead of a review, but I can't recommend this company and their products enough. I hope you get to try everything. ENJOY!!

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