The World of Beekeeping

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Joseph Register, one of the founders of Register Family Farm, sits down with Farm Traveler Podcast to discuss the world of beekeeping. Farm Traveler Podcast is an outlet for farmers, ranchers, extension agents—“basically, anyone and everyone involved in the agriculture industry”—to share their stories with the aim of educating consumers about the food they eat and where it comes from. Joseph gives an overview of how Register Family Farm got its start and how they gather honey for sale. He speaks about the role and practices of commercial beekeeping and the risks and rewards of sending the farm’s colonies to California to pollinate almond trees. He informs listeners of the health benefits of consuming pollen and why honey can be kept indefinitely. As someone with real world experience with bees, Joseph has some observations about the fluctuations in the populations of feral vs. kept bee colonies. This podcast packs a lot of information into a short fifteen minutes.

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