The Liquid Gold: Discover Tupelo Honey

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Tupelo honey is like nature's culinary treasure, known for its subtle and elegant flavor. We like to call it the Cadillac of honey. It is the most coveted honey at Register Family Farm for its unique qualities.

Where does Tupelo Honey come from?

The honeybees collect nectar from the blossoms of the white Ogeechee tupelo trees, which bloom most prolifically along the river systems of Northwest Florida each spring.

When the honey-gathering season starts, beekeepers place their beehives along the waterways of the Apalachicola and Choctawhatchee river basins, where the majority of the purest Tupelo Honey is produced.

These areas are part of the Southern Cypress Swamp, so Tupelo honey is sometimes called swamp honey or Southern gold.

A Delicate Ecosystem

A common characteristic of Tupelo Honey is that it is considered rare. This is because the blossoming process of the tupelo trees is short, and specific climatic conditions are required to achieve sustained nectar production from the blooms for the duration of the flowering period. Also, unlike other honeys, in order to achieve its characteristic lack of crystallization and unique flavor, it requires excellent hive locations in a very specific area and precise timing.

Tupelo trees bloom for a few weeks during April and May. If the weather conditions are unsuitable, the harvesting time is reduced. To produce the purest Tupelo Honey, beekeepers must strip the bee colonies of all their stores as soon as the Tupelo trees begin to produce nectar in earnest. 

A Unique Flavor from the Panhandle

The flavor of Tupelo honey has floral and cotton candy undertones, along with a light and almost pear-like flavor. Pure honey is light gold with a faint greenish tint, somewhat distinctive from many other kinds of honey.

The honey's greenish hue comes from the nectar collected by bees from white Ogeechee tupelo tree blossoms, resulting in a unique flavor and appearance.

Tupelo honey has a high fructose-to-glucose ratio, which prevents crystallization and makes it ideal for those who prefer non-crystallizing honey

Experts say it contains many nutritional values, such as antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties. It raises antioxidant levels in the blood and may help improve blood sugar control compared to other sweeteners.

If you're seeking honey with a remarkable flavor profile and rarity, try our Tupelo honey. You can purchase it online or at the farmers market.

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