4 Ways To Use A Honey Dipper

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Honey Dipper

A honey dipper is one of the more unique kitchen items you can own as it is almost exclusively used for honey. A dipper includes a thin handle and a large rounded head that features multiple deep grooves that go around the whole dipper.

The purchase of a honey dipper can change the way you use honey and access the fresh honey from jars. The next time you order honey, you can add a dipper to your order.

1. Honey-Based Drink Additions

One of the main reasons to use a honey dipper is to prevent a stick honey mess all over your counters and tables. If you enjoy honey in drinks like tea or coffee, then you can effectively use a dipper for this purpose. Place the dipper into a jar of honey and then pull the dipper straight out. Rotate the dipper so the honey wraps around the dipper and goes into the grooves.

Stick the head of the dipper right into your drink of choice and stir it around to get all the honey off. The natural stirring motions will help evenly distribute the honey along with other ingredients you may have in the drink. Once done, you can rinse the dipper off in hot water and let it air dry.

2. Honey Toast & Sandwiches

Fresh honey makes a delicious, wholesome addition to toast, grilled sandwiches, or sub sandwiches with meats like chicken. A honey dipper provides an easy way to distribute the honey across a whole piece of bread. Make the honey the first step of the process before you add any other toppings.

Stick the dipper into the honey just like you would with the tea. Start on one side of the bread and quickly move the dipper across the bread while rotating the dipper clockwise at the same time. This will help apply the honey evenly across the bread. You want to do this part first so no other bread toppings get stuck to the honey dipper.

The more you use the dipper, the better you will get at rotating the dipper as you move it around.

3. Honey Dipper Decor

Honey dippers are not just practical, but they make ideal decor pieces in a kitchen. If you have a coffee bar area, you could display a honey dipper piece near the area. The dipper could stand up on its head, or you could lean it against other decor pieces. You could display a honey dipper in a collectible mug to create an unique, ideal decor piece.

You could purchase a set of different sized honey dippers and display the set all together on a small shelf. The beautiful designs add a nice touch to any farmhouse or rustic kitchen decor that you have on display. They also pair well with any honeybee or Winnie the Pooh decor that you may own.

4. Honey Gift Baskets

If you purchase fresh honey gifts for others, then you can make a gift basket that features a honey dipper. The gift basket could feature a jar of honey, a dipper, and other small items like tea bags. The dipper really helps bring the basket together and gives a person something tangible that they can use for years to come.

You could put together your own gift basket or may find prepackaged gift baskets available from honey sellers.

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