About Register Family Farm

Register Family Farm is operated solely by members of the Register Family.The truth is, we aren’t really sure how the desire to get two honeybee colonies to help pollinate the garden turned into a full scale, 1,000 colony honeybee farm. We certainly were not looking to get into the honeybee business, but sometimes in life, you stumble upon something that kindles an excitement, an enthusiasm that must be pursued. The last few years have been a whirlwind of bee stings, heavy lifting, and long days and nights, but we would not have it any other way.

We are a Veteran Owned, Family Run and Operated, Honey Bee Farm in Northwest Florida. We specialize in Premium Honey and Handcrafted Products. Register Family Farm is operated solely by members of the Register Family.

The transition into the retail market has been slow because, as a family, we are very particular about doing things well. Each product spends a considerable amount of time in development and testing before being approved for sale.

We currently produce our own Wildflower and Tupelo honey, 100% beeswax candles, natural soaps, and lip balms.  We pride ourselves on keeping our honeybees healthy and producing quality products.

It has been quite an adventure thus far, and being able to work together as a family in an endeavor that inspires mutual passion is truly a blessing.

We believe in doing things well, and we sincerely hope that you see the difference.

Meet the Registers

Gerry & Shelley Register

gerry and shelley registerGerry and Shelley Register are the Momma and the Papa of our clan. Gerry is a self-made man and the definition of an entrepreneur. He has owned many businesses over the years from, building custom homes, a backhoe service company, a contractor for Chick-Fil-A Restaurants, coaching, leading and providing while always managing to spend time leading his family and teaching his six children important life lessons. Gerry is the mastermind behind the design of the facilities, the craftsman behind the building of all equipment and the mechanic who keeps our machines running. Gerry is invaluable as an innovator and is constantly finding better ways to move bees, produce equipment (we make our pallets and most of our own woodenware), and generally improve our processes. Shelley is the heart and soul of our family and we would never accomplish everything without her. Officially she is responsible for the logistics of the company,  but unofficially she is the first to rise and the last to go to bed, she feeds us, takes care of us, tends the non-bee farm animals, cares for the chores of the household, pays the bills, runs the accounting, plays a vital role in the extracting process, delivers product and is always working a market on the weekend. Shelley has raised six children, and always volunteers to babysit her many grandkids, while still getting all her work done, so everyone else can accomplish their missions too.  She has been pivotal to the success of our business and invests countless hours behind the scenes to ensure that we are prepared to succeed.

Joseph & Elisabeth Register

joseph & elizabeth registerJoseph and Elisabeth are the founders of the retail side of the Farm. They developed the formulas for our products and perfected the packaging and presentation. It was their passion and drive and many long hours of work that has set the company up to be successful and has brought us to where we are today.  Joseph and Elisabeth are both Veterans and former Officers in the Army.  Joseph was an Infantry Captain, RANGER qualified airborne officer who had a dream to create something of his own for his family. Elisabeth was an Airborne, Air Assault Military Police Captain who always pushed herself to achieve and be excellent in her field. Like Most dual military couples, Joseph and Elisabeth spent enough time apart during deployments and operational assignments to know that they wanted to have a close family that worked together to achieve something great. Joseph and Elisabeth now have four children and can’t wait to see what the future holds for their clan! Jacob, Daniel, Benjamin, and Grace are our next generation of beekeepers!

Jeremiah Register

jeremiah registerJeremiah is the apiary manager and responsible for the day to day operations and welfare of the hives. Jeremiah has always had a passion for plants and being outdoors, it was due to a need to pollinate his 30 something fruit trees plus Shelley’s garden, that gave him, Joseph and Gerry the idea to get their first few colonies. Previously Jeremiah was an Airborne, Air Assault and RANGER qualified Infantry Officer in the Army. He spent more than two years in Iraq in the early years of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He understands that working hard and having a desire to always grow personally and professionally are keys to a successful life. You will find Jeremiah working with the bees, planning the next steps for the apiary, building equipment or, in his free time, working out!

Melissa Register

melissa registerMelissa came to join the Family Farm in January of 2017. Previously she was a Major in the Army’s Medical Service Corps and led a distinguished career spanning 12 years of service. Throughout her career Melissa has been all over the world, from an overseas tour in Germany, a Medical Company Command in Fort Bragg, NC, a very long year in Iraq, to a three-year tour at the White House Military Office, Melissa has learned many life skills that set her up for being an entrepreneur. Whether it’s jumping out of planes (Airborne) or traveling around the world (54 countries), Melissa has a love for life and family! She can’t wait to see what will happen next for the Register Family but knows that as long as we do it together we will be successful! Melissa is taking over as managing partner of the retail side of the business and spends her days, acquiring accounts and making products, and getting them ready for you to enjoy!